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Product essence comes from the millenary Amazon Wild Forest indigenous inhabitant’s concept, who painted their feet soles with natural latex, obtained on the Hevea trees, thus enabling their movements through the jungle during rainy season. This fine latex layer degrades naturally going back to the local environment once used. Environmental respect …A practical solution, natural and sustainable adapted through time by the 01M OneMoment® new line. Useful, functional, multi-use shoe made from 100% biodegradable raw materials. The 01M collection is characterized by: Elastic materials, softly adapting to the foot’s exact form. Ergonomic design Perfect foot breathing / ventilation Anti slip soles. Maximum grip. Micro/compact packaging. 1mm thickness around your foot and 2mm on your sole. A revolution in the shoe industry.

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01M OneMoment® is a new shoe “Made in Spain”, alternative to traditional solutions. It integrates useful, design, functionality and environmental respect. A modern, sober and elegant style, inspired in Nature, combining technology and designed to offer maximum comfort and grip every step.

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Model O1M Shoes
In Depth Polymer injection technique allows obtaining 1mm thickness for the shoe body, and 2mm for the sole, at least 3mm less than the traditional shoe. This enables higher comfort, skin tight feeling and correct breathing all at the same time. This is a Carbo-compensated process , allowing to reduce CO2 emissions. Optimized machinery and production methods contribute to reduce energy consumption, consequently its impact on our environment.
01M collection is developed from state of the art high tech materials as biodegradable plastics, and extremely innovative production techniques, brought from other fields not related to the shoe industry, giving the product high resistence level, elasticity and environmental respect.
01M products are the result of years investing in R&D, with the focus on improving people’s daily life through a shoe which integrates technology, comfort and environmental respect.

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