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We have created the ultimate “sports performance antioxidant” Reflex Nutrition has long understood the proven benefits of antioxidants on exercise performance and recovery. Reflex Sports Antioxidants is something new; it’s a state of the art product that is designed by our Research & Development team for all athletes that can be taken year round. It contains a broad spectrum of unique patented antioxidants.

Sports AOC Nutritional Profile1 Capsule                3 Capsules

Alpha Lipoic Acid                            33mg                   100mg

Astaxanthin                                        2mg                    6mg

Coenzyme Q10                             100mg                   300mg

Grape Seed OPC's                      100mg                   300mg

Green Tea                                      100mg                  300mg

Luetin                                               3.3mg                   10mg

Lycopene                                         3.3mg                   10mg  

Piperine                                           1.6mg                    5mg

Probiotics                                  33,000,000 spores100,000,000 spored

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One of the most advanced antioxidants products available A spectrim of high quality ingredients High strength, unique and extensively researched ingredients Exercise is a double edged sword; it is the core of a healthy lifestyle, but the very action of exercise increases oxidative stress which in some cases can actually accelerate ageing. Antioxidants play a vital role in limiting the damage associated with intense exercise and the increased levels of free radicals and oxidative stress that accompany it. A typical outdoor athlete is exposed to both physical oxidative stress as well as environmental oxidative stress. Physical activity will generate reactive oxygen species (ROS); the more intense the activity the greater number of free radicals. ROS are shown to have damaging effects on muscle performance and recovery. Whereas environmental oxidative stress like unprotected exposure to ultraviolet radiation can damage your skin and eyes.

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