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Coconoil Organic

With certification from three separate bodies; Soil Association, USDA Organic and Control Union Certifications, you can be assured that Coconoil Organic is of the highest quality and in its purist possible form.

This range was first introduced to the Coconoil collection in 2007 following a growing demand for organic coconut oil. The coconuts grown for this range are traditionally farmed on organically certified plantations from inside Sri Lanka's highly acclaimed Coconut Triangle. The plantations are annually inspected by Control Union who monitor the extraction, packaging and distribution of the products until they leave Sri Lanka. Once in the UK, the Soil Association, DEFRA and The Port Health Authority ensure the true organic status.

How To Use It:






As a natural health and beauty product

Product Specifications:

Virgin coconut oil Certified organic Made with Sri Lankan coconuts Cold pressed Non bleached Non deodorised Non refined Non hydrogenated Does not contain any GMO ingredients

Medium Chain Triglycerides

It is the MCT's that provide many of the amazing health benefits associated with coconut oil. MCT's speed up the metabolism, reduce fat deposition and ultimately help you to burn more calories. Rapidly absorbed in the digestive system, the MCT's found in coconut oil are rapidly absorbed in the digestive system, carried by the portal vein to the liver where they are oxidised to produce a rapid source of energy.

Our products are hugely popular with athletes, thanks to their energy producing nature which can naturally enhance exercise performance. Besides boosting your energy levels, there are many other benefits from speeding up your metabolic rate: it helps to protect you from illness and speeds up the healing process. With an increased metabolism, cells function with greater efficiency which means that injuries heal faster and your immune system will function better.

As an MCT, this unique oil has a significant link to mothers' milk. Mothers' milk naturally supplies all of the nutrients that a baby needs during its early stages of life. Just as coconut oil contains MCT's, principally lauric acid, breast milk also contains this essential component which maintains the baby's health. MCT's improve nutrient absorption and digestive function, regulate blood sugar levels and protect against microorganisms.


Due to its stable nature, coconut oil is an excellent cooking agent and can be used for baking, frying, roasting and flavouring. By simply adopting this oil in the place or regular oils and fats, you can start to enjoy all of the fantastic benefits in your every day cooking. We have some recipe ideas here and there are many more being discovered all of the time!

Health and Beauty

Free from dangerous chemicals and harsh toxins, this unique and versatile oil is the perfect natural health and beauty product. Applied to the hair and body, this oil will leave you feeling soft and nourished.

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Coconoil Organic Virgin Coconut Oil 460g Tub.

This pure organic virgin coconut oil is ideal for cooking, sports nutrition, health and beauty. This medium sized 460g tub offers organically certified coconut oil at a fantastic low price. Sealed with foil to ensure freshness, this uniquely healthy oil is stored in a small plastic tub with a large screw-top lid. This tub is perfect for keeping in the kitchen cupboard, for cooking experimentation. It's also ideal for keeping in the bathroom cupboard too; keeping your hair and skin soft and nourished.

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